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Saint Bernards

Even though their two hundred pound size can be intimidating, Saint Bernards are considered gentle giants. Contrary to popular belief, they never had a barrel of brandy tied around their necks. They were bred for their ability to locate and rescue people in the cold, rugged Alps of Switzerland. Living in an apartment is not ideal for this breed even if you can walk it several times a day. You will need a home with a large yard. Saint Bernards are wonderful for families with children because they are great playmates and guardians. They are loyal, loveable, and easy to train. Their natural protective instincts and ability to stay calm make Saint Bernards ideal family pets.  


Saint Bernards have dense, short hair that can be either smooth or rough. They should be brushed regularly to keep them looking their best. Brushing also creates an emotional bond between the dog and owner. In order to avoid expensive vet bills, their teeth will need to be brushed on a regular basis to remove tartar and plaque buildup and reduce the risk of cavities. Even though Saint Bernards are prone to bone problems and arthritis, they are a sturdy breed that lives a long and active life.

Saint Bernard
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