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Bernedoodle Breeder

Delightful Dogs From Your Bernedoodle Breeder

When you want a medium size dog to cuddle, there is the Bernedoodle. A Bernedoodle is a poodle mixed with a Bernese mountain dog. Both of these breeds make extraordinary dogs, and the Bernedoodle is a great way to get the best traits of both of these breeds for a loving and intelligent dog you'll love to spend time with. These dogs have great temperaments with their alertness and their desire to have fun. They make great family dogs and are medium-sized. If you don't want a large dog, and you aren't into toy dogs, a Bernedoodle may be just what you're looking for. As a Bernedoodle breeder, we understand the best aspects of both the Bernese mountain dog and the poodle. We only breed parents who are great examples of their breed. Call on us to be your Bernedoodle breeder.

Sometimes, there are two great breeds that go well together to create a dog that has the best traits of both. With a Saint Berdoodle, you get this mixture of amazing traits. When you go to a Saint Berdoodles breeder, you will know that the dog is an authentic Saint Berdoodle. These dogs generally have the good looks of both a poodle and a Saint Bernard. They can have the intelligence of a poodle along with the loyalty and protective nature of the Saint Bernard. They are beautiful dogs that are great for families of all sizes. As a Saint Berdoodles breeder, we have the parents on site and know their temperaments well. We only breed high-quality dogs so that the pups have the positive traits of their parents. If you're looking for a large and gentle dog, a Saint Berndoodle might be right for you.


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