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Life’s Abundance Nutritional System

Nutrition is vital in the growth and care of our furry friends. When researching dog food for your pet, it’s important to read the ingredients carefully. Look for additives, by-products and chemicals such as BHA and BHT. The purpose of these chemicals is to extend the shelf life of products for months or even years. These chemicals may increase shelf life, but can take a toll on your pet’s kidneys and liver, shortening the overall expected life span of your pet, from 20 years to an average of 13-15 years.  


Life’s Abundance Nutritional System is a smart alternative dog food formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM. In addition to Dr. Bicks’ 20 years as a holistic vet, she also served as President of the American Veterinarian Association of New York City, a three-time published author, and founder of a non-profit organization where a percentage of the proceeds from her product line go towards the rescue and care of pets.


Switching to Life’s Abundance Nutritional System will help to ensure a long and healthy life for your pet, as well as help to provide a healthy start for puppies. This includes fresh food with a shelf life of no more than six weeks. This system is not sold in stores, so you can conveniently purchase online and have it delivered directly to your home. The cost is roughly $1.88 per day for a 70-pound adult dog. Although the initial price may seem higher that store-bought dog foods, you are guaranteed fresh, high-quality, nutritious food for your pet, while ensuring a longer, healthier life. Click below to purchase Life’s Abundance Nutritional System for your beloved pet, today!

There have been many recalls recently for excessive levels of Vitamin D in pet food. This has caused kidney damage and even death to many pets. These recalls are even in some of the most popular brands of dog food. Please do your research before purchasing any dog or puppy chow.

We believe Life's Abundance is a far superior food than what's available in pet stores. Because of that we will extend the health guarantee from 1 year to 2 years for anyone that feeds Life's Abundance to their puppy. When you purchase from our website, we can keep track of the customers that are purchasing Life's Abundance and we will know you are buying the best possible dog food for your puppy, so they can live a long and healthy life!

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